Monday, May 31, 2010

Mi mancherai, or I'll see you soon

Welcome. With the prospects of leaving and transition weighing heavily on my life in the past few months, and now that a very important person to which I had become attached is doing the same: leaving and transitioning, making the move from Chicago to NYC, I thought it might be appropriate timing for a small first posting, and the beginning of something new.

Today is Memorial Day and to ask myself again what was originally a mid-afternoon question from my roommate, "What are you doing to memorialize?", I feel struck by the desire to act nostalgically and emphasize the importance of the past; to say in a Sam Cooke style of cooing that, "I miss you, I miss you, I miss you." But, instead I want to suggest a memorializing that considers the future optimistically, one where the past is not forgotten, but built off of; where one does not say 'Goodbye', but 'I'll see you soon'.

And so in memorializing optimistically, I want to also say 'Hello' to my potential new readership and potential new friends made in the Chicago summer heat; I want to say 'I love you' to all my family members and old friends, and I want to say 'N, I'll see you soon'.